Meet The Chef

Meet Phawita Sai - Executive Chef behind Siam River Thai Restaurant.

Under expert guidance received from the age of eight, her late mother owned a large restaurant near Bangkok Railways. Serving travellers coming to and from their long journeys, they would find affordable, quality restaurant food served 24 hours a day, every day.

She was given the task of cleaning and preparing vast quantities of vegetables brought fresh from the market every morning, every day.

Given different varied tasks, each day, she learnt the delicate art of cooking Thai dishes from all over Thailand, a skill that very few can demonstrate, let alone perform due to complex cooking methods required from varied regions.

To this day, every vegetable and other produce is individually inspected by her, every day to ensure, her dishes come out the way she likes it.

Experience Siam River Thai dishes for yourself and savour the flavour.

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