Christmas 2017 @ The Misty Moon

   - General Manager & Creative Director - Jennifer O'Dwyer -

Another ground breaking display for Christmas 2017.

Planning for this extravagant event starts back in summer, when most people are enjoying the sun and weather, or simply sun bathing in the park somewhere nice and local.
However, not so with our creative and resourceful arts Director - Jennifer.
She was busy ordering custom made costumes made to her designs with her suppliers in California. Burbank to be exact, near the movie studios.

Her costume designers receive her orders along with exact specifications of her needs including colours, height, and materials to manufacture her creative designs.
Having worked with them for several years, they know what to make and how fast to ship out in time for her opening sequences and themes as she had planned.

She now presents her stunning set for all to see and admire at:

The Misty Moon - Northwood.

Stop Press......Stop Press......Stop Press....

Theme for Christmas 2017 - Disney on Ice including Olaf !

Finally, Jennifer pulled all the stops to get Olaf out of kingdom of Arendelle to spend Christmas right here at The Misty Moon - Northwood.

This meant, Anna & Elsa will have to make do without Olaf, but no expense was spared by Jennifer to make this spectacular event happen.

Come and marvel at the collection of characters, she has created with a colourful backdrop that will momentarily transport you back to Disneyland.!

Bring along the kids during daytime, while you enjoy a small glass of wine or beverage of your choice and simply escape from reality for a brief moment, and relax in front of this colourful display.

We also feature - The Coca Cola Bear - Don't Drink & Drive Campaign.

Lastly, close to Jennifer's heart, is the Great Ormond Street Hospital appeal.
Kindly donate whatever you can for the many good causes they perform.

A Merry & Happy Christmas to all past and present customers.


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